Thank you from your winner – Sebastian!

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We asked Sebastian to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what he said…

sebastiangornikHi students and fellow scientists,

First of all I want to thank you all for the great time we had! It was lots of fun. I loved the questions and I was amazed how insightful and thought-through some questions were. I particularly loved this question: “Is immortality possible?” 

I had fun answering all the questions (well, most of them, some I had no time to answer or the other scientists had answered them perfectly already).

This event made me rethink my interactions with the wider community and I certainly want to try to engage with the public much more now. It was such a great experience. I will set up a talk and try to engage with local secondary schools to chat with their students about microscopic single cell life in the oceans. I think this is a fascinating topic that does not get much attention in school. I will see how that goes!

Thanks again for choosing me as the winner!

It was a pleasure!



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  1. sineadloughran says:

    Congratulations Sebastian, well done on winning, it was a super event and I hope you find a good project for your prize money.

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