• Question: Is there any tips you have to stay motivated, and to stick with what you're doing

    Asked by alannah kelly to Emma, Sebastian, Sinead on 17 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Sebastian Gornik

      Sebastian Gornik answered on 17 Nov 2016:

      This is a tricky one :-)!

      I often then do something else for a while to regain my strength and the I pull through with it, however, sometimes this is not possible and then I have to just do it and get through it. There is always a reward at the other end, because it feels amazing when you discover something new or finally gain an understanding of a complicated experiment, even though it was hard work!

      Not everything is easy, so its part of how things work. I often motivate myself by imagining the end of the task, rather then concentrating on the here and now ( the dull boring bit) :-).

    • Photo: Sinead Loughran

      Sinead Loughran answered on 17 Nov 2016:

      Great question.

      Earlier this year, I decided in a moment of madness to train for the Dublin City Marathon. I’ve been running for years but never that distance.

      The training is the hardest part, 18 weeks of long runs and short runs. At times it was hard to stay motivated. Some days I didn’t want to put on my runners but I knew I couldn’t finish the marathon if I didn’t do the miles.

      How did I stay motivated?
      Well one of the most effective ways was for me to visualise myself crossing the line. Every time I was finding it hard I would visualise that finishing moment, as I got closer to the marathon I had to do this more and more just to settle the nerves.

      Secondly, write down your goals and when you’re finding it hard to stick with it, go back to the goal list and remind yourself why you are doing this.

      I am a big fan of Gerry Duffy, he’s an Irish motivational speaker and he has written a few books on the topic. I have one of them (The Goal Getter) and when I have a goal in mind I dip into his book for inspiration. You can watch some videos of him on this website http://gerryduffyacademy.com

      By the way, I crossed the line! It felt amazing 🙂